Free Printable: Weekly Calendar

It’s a new year. For me, this year is one of change. I’m transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom and professional artist for the last nine years to working toward getting accepted to a Ph.D. program in Social Psychology.

My undergraduate degree is in History (Medieval Europe) with a minor in Anthropology (Archaeology), and my master’s work was in Curriculum & Instruction (Social Studies Education, and Gifted Education & Talent Development). Although my Master’s work was heavy in developmental and educational psychology, I still have some work to do to be a strong candidate, which means classes and working as a research assistant in the Social Interaction Lab at the University of Minnesota.

Hence, my need for a weekly planning sheet. I wanted it to be fun. You might think it’s irreverent, but on the off chance you need a free weekly planner sheet, here it is:

The standard caveats apply: not for commercial use, profit, electronic or physical redistribution, not to be altered to remove the copyright, and not for lining birdcages or litter boxes. Reuse and recycle responsibly – origami and paper hats are encouraged.

What features do you like to have on your weekly planning sheets?


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